Is Mick Jagger back on TV? The Rolling Stones’ legend joins the new TV series, “Vinyl,” as its co-creator and executive producer. Jagger remains full of ideas and energy to this day.

The 10-part series is a period drama set in the 1970s. It aired the two-hour pilot episode on February 14, 2016 on HBO.

Jagger along with director Martin Scorsese and writers Terence Winter and Rich Cohen form the brains behind the production.

The series is based on seventies New York music exec Richie Finestra (played by Bobby Cannavale). The plot covers sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, Celebrity Gossip revealed. However, the website added Jagger’s claim that the story is not based on his own wild lifestyle.

In his interview with Esquire Magazine recently, Jagger and Scorsese revealed how the show came together.Jagger told the magazine, “It was a movie idea. I went to Marty and said that I’d like to do something that covers the actual inside of the record business, using Casino as shorthand.”

Scorsese also revealed to the magazine how a 2008 phone call to Terry Winter turned it into a series. He said, “The idea then became to make it into a series and focus on 1973, around the time punk and hip-hop were born. And it was the year I made ‘Mean Streets.’”

In a recent article, Jim Shelley for Mail Online equated “Vinyl” to “Goodfellas” meets “Mad Men”. Shelley goes on to explain why the “music biz drama is set to be this year’s hippest show.”

1. Martin Scorsese directed “Vinyl” opener
The result is an episode that is at par with a Scorsese movie.
2. All in the details
– Set in the seventies, Shelley wrote: “The sight of retro relics such as the cosmic clothes, furnishings, car phones and Memorex C90 tapes meanwhile are a joy.”
3. The music
4. The characters
5. James Jagger

“James Jagger almost steals the whole show as Kip Stevens, the singer of nascent punk band the Nasty Bits,” he said. Shelley added, “a cross between his old man Mick and a London version of Richard Hell (presumably the Pistols’ John Lydon).”