An advocate at Michigan Court is taking into consideration if foul-mouthed parrot witness can be used in a murder trial as evidence.

Where squawking of parrots is used for entertainment, the use of the bird as evidence might come as a surprising consideration. The advocacy from the Robert Springstead has come following a case where Glenna Durram murdered her husband, Martin, in front of the pet in 2015. Bud, the pet, has overheard the exchange of words between the couple and has been repeating the final words, according to the victims’ relatives.

The Newaygo Country prosecutor told the Detroit Press that he was unsure if the pet can be used as evidence for the trial. “It is something we are going to be looking at to determine if it’s reliable to use or if it’s information we need,” the advocate said as quoted by the BBC.

Sprinstead added this week that the authorities were considering whether the words of a bird could be relied on in a court of law. “It’s an interesting novelty and it’s been a great opportunity for me to learn about African parrots,” he said. “It is something we are going to be looking at to determine if it’s reliable to use or if it is information we need to prosecute this case.”

Duram has been charged on Thursday with first-degree murder. She shot her husband five times. According to reports, she turned the gun on her side to commit suicide, but she failed and left herself injured. Bud is now owned by Duram’s ex-wife, Christina Keller. The Washington Post reported that Keller found the pet repeating the last words ending with the phrase “Don’t f***ing shoot!” She added that the bird replayed voices of both man and woman in a serious disagreement tone.  “I’m hearing two people in an intense argument,” Keller said. “Two people that I know, voices that I recognize.”

The victim’s father told local media that he believed the parrot was there when the incident occurred. The mother, on the other hand, said that the bird catches up things quickly.

Initially, police believed that Duram was a victim of shooting as she was found lying injured beside the dead body of her husband.