Michael Sheen is very upset, as he has been removed from Pixar’s Voice-work “Finding Dory.” Recently starring in “Masters of Sex,” Michael is a great fan of “Finding Nemo” and he said he is really sad as he is cut from its sequel.

Lately, Sheen told Radio Player: “I got a phone call saying I’m not in that (Finding Dory) anymore, they cut me out.”

“Unbelievable. I was very sad—I was such a fan of ‘Finding Nemo,’ but that’s the way it goes especially with animated films. You never know what’s going to make it to the final cut.” He also added that it is better to remember that one can be removed at anytime.

It was just a couple of months back when the news of Sheen being on the cast of “Finding Dory” came out. It has been seen that the Pixar Animation Studios’ star-cast remains unknown as the film studio does not reveal it until the month or so before the release date. Earlier, the Golden Globe-nominated actor Sheen confirmed the news of he being cast in the movie, through Flickering Myth.

The movie follows the story that takes place in part along the California coastline. It seems “Finding Dory” also welcomes a few new  characters who are very important parts of Dory’s life, like her parents, whose voice work is done by Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy. The plot of the film will move around the forgetful tang fish, Dory, who tries to remember that she has a family. How a series of events starts to take place when she sets out to look for her family is the essence of the movie.

“Finding Dory” from Disney is going to be released in 3D on June 17 this year and will show returning favorites Marlin, Nemo and the Tank Gang.

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flickr.com/ Kuba Bożanowski