Formula One racing legend Michael Schumacher is still not showing any great sign of recovery following his skiing at the end of 2013. Although his condition is declining day by day, his family hopes for a positive change in his health soon.

Michael Schumacher has won the F1 world championship seven times.  He has long been in a state of disability since his terrible skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. The severity of his injuries has made him completely bedridden. Even though he is unable to talk, Schumacher’s occasional reactions show that the champ is dealing with a huge depression in his current state.

Express has highlighted a report published in Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra, where writer Giorgio Terruzi wrote:

“Schumi cries. And sometimes mysteriously. He cries when he hears his children, his wife’s voice, his dogs. In the silence of that room, a tear runs down his thin face at a known sound. We have a man that we usually consider unbeatable…engaged in a struggle. Inside this, we can find… There is life, enclosed in a drop; there is the strength of a man who is moved and that moves each of us. We have his tears, his senses exposed.”

Meanwhile, Sabine Kehm, the long-time friend and manager of Michael Schumacher has recently confirmed that they are in the process of accepting Schumacher’s declining condition.

Medical experts convey that the chances of recovery in such cases are fairly dim but his family seems to be strong enough to cope with the situation. Apart from emotional turmoil, Michele Schumacher’s family is also facing financial crunches currently due to the huge medical bills. Right now he is kept in a secluded environment under tight security in his Swiss mansion for treatment.

As his medical condition gets worse, his family and friends count every little sign of improvement as a ray of new hope in speeding up Michael Schumacher’s recovery.

We wish the champ a fast and zippy recovery!