We all know that Michael Schumacher is being treated at a closely guarded Medical facility with only authorized access to communication from the outside world. Schumi is recovering at a seemingly snail’s pace and only limited people are able to see him recovering. So, does that include Schumi’s career guide Willi Weber as well?

As per the Sun UK, Willi Weber, who spotted the ace racer back in 1988, has been banned from visiting his old friend Schumacher. If reports are to be believed it was Schumacher’s wife Corinna who banned him from visiting Schumacher.

Revealing the rift, Weber posted on Facebook, “Unfortunately, it is just as clear as I wrote it on Facebook.”

“Corinna prevents me any contact with Michael. I’ve tried dozens of times to get permission to visit, each time without success.

“The situation is terrible for me. But my family is suffering. Our families were for 25 years so closely linked – and now no-one can understand.”

Weber is also believed to have funded Schumi’s dream of becoming an F1 racer in the early stages of his life. Weber did become his personal manager later and also shared close friendship with the legendary racer.

The 74-year-old Weber is still shocked to have received such a treatment from Schumi’s wife when he wasn’t allowed to visit Schumacher at the Lake Geneva Mansion.

The reason was still unknown as to why Weber was banned from visiting him. There is no official word from Schumacher’s management, as per the Daily Mail UK reports. The management has been contacted for a comment regarding the issue. It seems Corinna is taking extra measures to ensure the restricted communication access.

Michael Schumacher received horrific head injuries when a skiing activity went wrong in the French Alps exactly two years ago. He was then put to medically induced coma.