The son of seven-time world Formula One champion Michael Schumacher is receiving a tremendous amount of hype whenever he races.

Many are even expecting that 16-year-old Mick Schumacher will beat his father’s legacy.

However, Formula One star Nico Rosberg expressed concern about the publicity surrounding the soaring career of Schumacher Jr. as he faces intense media interest whenever his on the racetrack.

Rosberg said he knows the pressure Mick is under, which is to live up to the family name, after the teenager’s debut season in Formula Four brought mixed results, Yahoo Sports reported.

Rosberg’s father Keke was the 1982 world champion.

“Mick had it worse than I did. It’s an incredible amount of hype,” said Rosberg.

“I never had it like that and it’s a pity as it must certainly take some of the fun of the sport away from him, but it’s something he has to accept and live with,” he added.

Rosberg said that he hopes Mick could enjoy racing despite all the hype, Business Standard wrote.

Mick had an early exit at a Mercedes event in Stuttgart on Saturday where he raced against the German F1 driver. He finished almost two seconds behind Rosberg, who finished fourth overall in the competition.

Schumacher Jr. did not remove his helmet in front of television cameras in Stuttgart and gave just one interview. He described the racing event as “super fun” and said he was honored to be in the race.

Rosberg was last season’s runner-up in the F1 world drivers’ championship behind Lewis Hamilton.

As for Hamilton, he said Mick only needed to look at his father’s career to get some inspiration.

“He certainly doesn’t need any advice from me, he just has to look at what his father has done, because he is the greatest legend in our sport,” Hamilton said.

Meanwhile, the older Schumacher has been going through his recovery at his Swiss lakeside home after being injured while skiing during a French Alps vacation.