To date, various rumors and speculations have surfaced regarding the condition of F1 racing star Michael Schumacher. The latest update on this issue may not be a happy one for his fans since it claims that the condition of this legendary racer is deteriorating day by day. The news has certainly revealed a few disheartening truths about his health.

Lately, Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm confirmed that Michael Schumacher’s phase of recovery continues to take up a very slow pace, which is making his health condition more severe.

Reports reveal that the skiing accident in 2013 led Michael Schumacher be restricted to a wheelchair. In fact, his condition worsened when he was in a coma because he lost a quarter of his body weight. Even more heartbreaking, it’s been reported that the number one Formula 1 racer can only express himself by crying quietly when he hears the voices of his dear ones.

Michael Schumacher F1 Champion

Relevant sources say Professor Jean-Francois Payen is supervising Schumacher’s treatment. According to him, the champion racer’s wife Corinna has shown great courage in dealing with the situation.  Schumi’s better half is pretty much aware of the long journey it will take to achieve full recovery of her husband. She has been exerting effort in every  way to improve his situation.

Despite being treated under the supervision of a medical team of about 15 doctors, Schumi’s state is not showing any prominent progress. The chance of his full recovery is dim.  However, faith and prayers can do wonders.  We have seen miracles happening where medical science has failed miserably. With wishes and prayers of his millions of fans,  we hope that the F1 champ will recover soon.

Meanwhile, in another Michael Schumacher news, his teenage son Michael Jr. Aka Mick has just won from pole position in the Formula 4 race in Germany.  The 17-year-old wowed the home crowd at Nurburgring with a perfect drive. His victory proves he is following his father’s footsteps quite well.

For more updates about Michael Schumacher’s health, stay tuned.