What is not possible humanly can be attained with the blessings of God. This is what is happening to the legendary F1 racer, Michael Schumacher. Schumi is a strong believer in God, despite the fact that he has never gone to church. Following a catastrophic accident in 2013, he is fighting for his life. When asked about Michael Schumacher health status, former F1 priest Don Sergio Mantovani said nothing is impossible with God.

Schumacher’s life changed after he met with a skiing mishap in the French Alps in December 2013. Since then he has been residing in his residence in Lake Geneva in Switzerland. As many as 15 medical experts are on the duty for his speedy recovery. Unfortunately, if to be believed the reports, the chance of his complete healing is doubtful.

There have been mixed opinions from different people. While, Gerd Kramer from F1 said, it would be a miracle if Schumi fully recovers, whereas Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, former Ferrari chairman, stated that Michael is responding to treatment. He also seems to be sure that the legendary racer would recuperate from his brain injuries.

Montezemolo further shared details of his visit to him in June this year, that Michael has dropped weight drastically and mostly restricted to a wheelchair. He can’t speak, but just cries when he hears his better-half, Corrina and kids, Gina and Mick. The family is also going through the terrible financial drain, following Schumi’s treatment. Nevertheless, the good news according to Montezemolo is that Michael is a determined soul and a strong believer of God.  Perhaps that is why the treatments are working on him. So can we hope to hear some update about Michael Schumacher health status, soon?

With a similar positive outlook about Michael’s recovery, Sabine Kehm, his former manager believes with the continuous support and prayers by his followers, Michael has to get back to normalcy, as racing has been his life, reports Master Harald.

Amidst all such speculations, opinions, statements by various people, there is something which beyond and above all and that is a miracle. Miracle does happen and we hope it happens with the legendary Michael Schumacher too and we see him racing on the F1 tracks soon.

For more updates on Michael Schumacher health status stay tuned.