While the world is clamoring for updates about Michael Schumacher’s health, for several months now, his family and friends had not made a statement about the issue. Why are things being kept under wraps? Is  Michael Schumacher doing fine?

Lately, there have been endless speculations about Michael Schumacher’s health condition. Some sources say it is deteriorating day by day. To make things confusing, the rumor mill has also started churning stories that say Michael is able to walk now.

A source revealed that Schumacher has become very skinny but he can manage to take a couple of steps with the help of his therapists.  Clarifying things, Sabine Kehm recently added that updates not coming from her should not be accepted. However, she did not hand over anything solid on the health condition of the retired German race driver.

Officially, it is Michael Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm who should announce all updates about the racer’s health. Kehm is also the official spokesperson of Schumacher’s family. Sources say even though Kehm attended the Champions for Charity football tribute to Schumi recently, she did not share any details about him.  She might have chosen to keep silent  because she respects and values their privacy, reports The Christian Times.

On the other hand, his family is also keeping quiet on the matter. They haven’t yet responded to any of the recent reports.

When Michael Schumacher went skiing in December 2013, he suffered a serious head injury while on the French alps. He was in a coma for six months. In September 2014, Schumi’s family moved him back to their home in Switzerland to be under constant medical care. Since the family requested that the public respect their privacy, the updates on his current situation are quite erratic.

Hopefully, fans may get to hear some good news about the Formula One legend Michael Schumacher soon.