Apart from helping Formula One legend Michael Schumacher battle his life-threatening injuries, his family is also embroiled in a legal battle against the press.

While Michael Schumacher health updates are few and far between, many unverified speculations have surfaced. A lawyer for the family has recently slammed claims that the former racer could stand up and walk.

“Michael cannot even stand with the help of his special therapists. I cannot make any other comments about Michael’s health situation,” read a statement from lawyer Felix Damm. He wrote to CNN, sharing details of a statement he shared with a German court. He is currently in the middle of a case against Die Bunte magazine, which the family sued following a false report on Schumacher.

Die Bunte claimed in December 2015 that Schumacher is able to stand up and walk two years after the skiing accident that nearly took his life. While the family is unwilling to divulge any information about the F1 legend’s health, they were forced to refute the false claims.

“I told the court on Friday that the alleged claim that Michael Schumacher can walk again is false and simply not true,” emphasized Damm.

Not much more is known about Schumacher’s health since he suffered the accident on December 27, 2013. He was on holiday with his family in Meribel Resort in the French Alps when he fell and hit his head on a rock while skiing. The legend was put in an induced coma for six months, before being weaned off medication. He has since been transferred back to the family home in Switzerland, where he continues to receive medical care.

Since returning home, there have been conflicting reports about the improvement or deterioration of Michael Schumacher‘s health. The family still refuses to divulge any more information apart from what is necessary for the case to move forward.