It is still very hard to find any new Michael Schumacher health update but it’s an encouraging sign that the Schumacher family has become active in social media. The latest post on the Michael Schumacher Instagram page is dedicated to new Formula One World Champion, Nico Rosberg.

“Massive congrats to Nico @nicorosberg for winning the world championship from the whole Schumacher family! What an impressive and strong season, fully deserved!,” read the caption to a photo of Michael and Nico from 2012.

The photo appears to have been taken from Michael’s final race with the Mercedes Formula One Team. The clue lies in Rosberg’s t-shirt which reads: “Thank you, Goodbye, Michael.” Above the words, seven stars signify Schumacher’s seven World Championship titles.

Four years later, it is now Rosberg’s turn to add the first star above his name. He won his first Formula One title in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, after a tense and gruelling race. The championship was literally decided in the final corner, with Rosberg falling under threat and narrowly escaping from the charging Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel.

The race was embroiled in controversy after Rosberg’s teammate, Lewis Hamilton, tried to to back him up into the rest of the pack. If Rosberg was overtaken twice or met an accident, he would have finished below third place. If Hamilton won and Rosberg failed to go second or third, Hamilton would have been world champion.

Alas, despite Hamilton’s efforts to take the title for himself, Vettel and two Red Bull drivers failed to catch up with Rosberg. Just like the Schumacher family, millions of fans are delighted.

The new World Champion also made history by winning the title 34 years after his father, Keke Rosberg, became World Champion in 1982.

While Michael Schumacher himself has not been heard from, it is a positive sign that his family has been actively sharing memories from Schumacher’s career. The post dedicated to his fellow German driver is also a beautiful gesture from the Schumacher family.

Hopefully, there will be a positive Michael Schumacher health update coming very soon. Stay tuned!

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