The US federal grand jury has indicted Aussie rugby player Michael Quinn on charges of his involvement in child sex trafficking while he was in the country for a vacation.

The player was also intended towards establishing sexual affair when he reached the United States to play a tournament with his Melbourne Chargers rugby team. The Daily Mail stated that the indictment of the man was already done on June 17 but the verdict given in the US District Court in Los Angeles was made public on June 20. Quinn, 33, might face life imprisonment once the allegations relating to child sex trafficking were proven.

The reports revealed that the man was discovered in a hotel room just after two days of arriving in Los Angeles. He drank beer and ate a Toy Story-themed cupcake. He was also accompanied by a group of men. The reported that the man arrived at the hotel with a camera and monopod with US$260 (Au$360) to pay for his desire to have sex with a child, which he already arranged. After the drink, a man knocked at the door.

The man who acted as a pimp was actually an undercover agent who remained in contact with the player. The US Homeland Security agent began communicating via a social networking website with the player even before he departed for the US in May. Quinn chatted with a pseudonym “Mick” where he revealed he was in search of children to have sex. He specified that he liked both boys and girls, but he preferred boys between 5-10 years age.

Reports have suggested that a sting operation was conducted on Michael Quinn on May 21, which he thought to be a sex party. He was promised the delivery of a six-year-old at a fixed price.

“Quinn, clearly remembering the previous discussions where he had been told the price would be $US250 to sodomise the boy for approximately an hour, he pulled out his money and gave the pimp $US260,” US Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent Aaron McClellan wrote in the criminal complaint.

“After Quinn paid the pimp, law enforcement came into the room and arrested everyone.”