When Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps retires from competitive swimming, he still has a bright future in other competitions. Judging from the massive amount of spaghetti that he consumed after his most recent gold medal, he could give competitive eaters a run for their money.

According to a report by FOX Sports,  Michael Phelps devoured nearly half a kilo of spaghetti after claiming his 23rd Olympic gold medal. To demonstrate just how much that is, the serving is equivalent to what a group of four adults would normally consume for lunch.

While Phelps appeared to be some kind of a spaghetti monster, he claims that he’s not actually a big fan of the Italian cuisine favorite. As it turns out, he needed to eat it as part of his recovery routine. The pasta is meant to replenish the energy he used up on his way to that gold medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay.

Apparently, this kind of diet is not unusual for Olympic swimmers like Phelps. A 12,000 -calorie-per-day diet is quite ordinary on a training day for athletes in the pinnacle of the sport. A New York Post documentation of his diet from way back in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 showed an extensive menu. It includes the likes of entire pizzas, ham sandwiches on white bread, French toast and pancakes, plus calorie-loaded energy drinks.

Three Olympic games and 23 gold medals later, it appears that the unbelievable diet works. After all, Phelps expends most of the energy as he swims for an average of five hours a day, not counting other workouts. Now that Michael Phelps has established himself as the most decorated Olympic athlete in history, it seems that he’s also had enough training to potentially eat his way to more medals in competitive eating.