The three nephews of the King of Pop Michael Jackson came forward with the truth about their late uncle.

Taj, TJ, and Taryll Jackson, collectively known as 3T, are the sons of Tito Jackson, who is the older brother of Michael. They recently came forward to contest reports published by Radar Online last June. The articles revisited the child molestation charges lodged against the King of Pop. It referenced documents and video footage from the 2003 raid conducted at Neverland.

Suspicions of child abuse continue to hound the King of Pop years after his death. This is despite the acquittal handed by the courts back then. New Zealand media personality Liam McEwan uploaded a YouTube video to contest the claims of the publication. McEwan provided evidence to disprove the latest attack on the personal life of Michael Jackson.

One of the published stories implicated the young men based on the statement of a private investigator privy to the raids. It suggested that Michael Jackson “used sexy photos of his own nephews, who were in the band 3T, in their underwear to excite young boys,” Buzzfeed cited an excerpt from the story.

Details of Lawsuit

The lawyer for the 3T band members filed a US $ 100 million (AU $ 133 million) libel suit against Radar Online. The documents cited the gossip spread by the publication as humiliating and damaging to the plaintiffs’ reputation. Moreover, it called out Radar for its misrepresentation. As it turns out, the documents referenced by the publication were already open to the public for years. Hence, it did not provide new evidence to challenge the acquittal. The complaint also disputed the write-up’s claim that Michael Jackson abused his nephews. Moreover, bribed them to keep quiet.

Yet the statement issued by AMI, the parent company of the publication, seemed to counter the lawsuit’s claims. It particularly denied that the article in question accused Michael Jackson of any wrongdoing against his nephews nor did it suggest any payoff. Hence, they revealed their willingness to face the plaintiffs in court.