A video from a 2003 raid of the Neverland Mansion appeared to show proof of guilt of the King of Pop. However, media personality Liam McEwan is speaking out for Michael Jackson to prove otherwise.

Michael Jackson remained a suspect for child molestation even years after his death. Footage from the 2003 search revealed what could be the darker side of Michael Jackson’s persona, Radar Online reported. Search warrants granted police access to the private ranch as Jackson was under investigation for charges of child abuse then.

It seemed authorities uncovered the hidden truths behind the walls of Neverland. Never-before-seen reports obtained by the publication from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department documented the raid. The investigation revealed his “twisted porn collection” of “stockpiled images of pornography, animal torture, S&M and gore,” the publication wrote.

However, there might be more to the pieces of evidence against Michael Jackson than meets the eye. New Zealand media personality Liam McEwan released a YouTube video in an attempt to separate fact from fiction. McEwan offered proof against the “negative press recently surrounding the personal life of the King of Pop.”

1. The upsetting photo of a child beauty queen with a noose around her neck.

“The photographer [Jonathan Hobin] behind this photo has come out and said that, ‘actually this photo was taken by me in 2008 so it couldn’t have been found in the 2003 raid of Michael’s property,” explained McEwan.

2. Scrutiny of another photograph with supposedly naked men also revealed the truth.

“It’s a real photograph, now notice how the media twisted and edited this photo to cover certain parts of it to make it look worse than it actually is,” McEwan said.

3. The supposed “sex closet” of Michael Jackson.

“The truth is that photos of this closet have actually been online for years. And, Michael himself took a photography crew into that room for a magazine photoshoot,” he added.

4. McEwan’s biggest revelation.

“The law enforcement officers that actually did the raid have come out now and said ‘we found no child pornography.’ The only porn they found was a Playboy and Hustler magazine, which is pretty normal for a guy to have,” McEwan remarked.

Shana Mangatal, the alleged lover of Michael Jackson, also came forward. In an exclusive interview with Radar Online, Mangatal revealed the real reason behind the accusations.

“His problem was that he couldn’t say no to anybody – especially kids. He was just so sweet and kind. He could never say no and when he finally did, parents would become upset,” she told the publication. Her tell-all book “Michael and Me: The Untold Story Of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance” hits stands on his birthday, August 29, IBTimes reported.