A new book about Michael Jackson hopes to banish the tainted image of the King of Pop.

Gone too soon befits the memory of Michael Jackson who would have celebrated his 58th birthday on August 29. Family, friends and fans continue to mourn his untimely passing. Sadly, his legal woes appeared to overshadow his musical legacy to some extent. Thus, the mention of the King of Pop would often lead to the child molestation charges against him. This is in spite of the fact of his acquittal. Nevertheless, people who believe in him continue to fight for him.

This is likely the sentiment of Shana Mangatal, the author behind the new book about MJ titled Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson’s Secret Romance. She kept the memories she shared with Michael from the nineties in her diaries. With her personal knowledge of MJ, Shana wants to show the public another side of the man. Moreover, she hopes to change the negative perception of MJ.

As it turns out, MJ was flirtatious with the ladies. Shana said five minutes alone with Michael was enough time for him to turn any chat into something more than friendly. Yet he was quite different when it came to children, according to Yahoo! Celebrity.

“When you were with Michael, and you saw him with kids, you saw the relationship, and it was just so pure and innocent. It was really a wonderful thing to see, because … he became like a kid when he was with them. He was like a peer to them. So it was never like he was this adult preying on the children. He was literally one of them. He loved playing what they loved to do, which was play video games, watch cartoons, talk about girls even,” Shana revealed. Perhaps, it is the same memory shared by his three nephews Taj, TJ and Taryll.

Tidbits from the new Michael Jackson book.

  • Michael thought of his own moniker the King of Pop.
  • He was a normal guy who was down to earth offstage.
  • MJ considered himself colorless not raceless. He was proud to be a black man.