Michael “The Count” Bisping defeated Anderson “The Spider” Silva in a controversial five rounder dogfight.  The fighter interrupted the comeback fight of Silva as he defeated Silva with a unanimous score of 48-47, 48-47 and 48-47.

After Bisping got the title of “The Ultimate Fighter” in 2006, the undersized fighter told everyone that he could beat Silva anytime and anywhere. The fans were waiting for this fight decade ago, but on Saturday, in front of his hometown faithful at the O2 Arena in London, “The Count” finally did what he promised ten years ago.

Bisping outlasted Silva for every round based on the scorecards. After the gruesome bout, Bisping’s face was full of blood and bruises while Anderson Silva only had some minor scratches.

Even though Bisping got major bruises on his face, he still managed to win the fight and that makes the fight controversial. If the fight was based on bruises and scratches Silva will absolutely won the fight, but it is not. Going back to the score cards Bisping got a 1-point lead on every judge’s card.

After the fight Michaelbi told that, “All I know is I wanted this fight my entire life. Because of you people, you give me the power. I’m just a guy from a very normal background,” Yahoo Sports reports.  “The Count” spent 10 years and 29 fights before facing Silva, and he can finally say that it is “worth the wait”.

However, the winning fighter has said that he still respects Silva because he is an “all time great” fighter. According to the reports of ESPN, the 36-year old fighter added that, “I’ve wanted this fight my entire life. I worship this person. He is the greatest martial artist of all time.”

Silva immediately congratulated Bisping after the fight and left the octagon right away. Silva has now a record of 33 wins and 7 defeats while Bisping has 28 wins and 7 losses.