A gay tourist, who was brutally attacked in a Burger King Restaurant, has finally broken his silence.

Jordan Schaffer is a 25-year-old Los Angeles man who was on his first visit to Miami. The gay tourist was with his partner Eric Danko in Miami Beach when the incident happened.

The attack took place at around 3 am on March 14 at a Miami Beach’s Burger King Whopper Bar. The victims’ lawyers and the police have described it as a hate crime.

Schaffer said, “Even talking about it makes me uncomfortable.”

He further stated, “It was just a simple kiss with my boyfriend. Then right after that kiss, I started walking over and that’s when I was approached by this gentleman.”

A man who was also in the restaurant approached the couple and said, “Why don’t you show if you’re tough or not you little f*****.”

The CCTV footage revealed that the man then picked Schaffer up and then slammed him back into the ground, reported news.com.au. Schaffer said that the way the man attacked him showed that he had martial art training.

There were two men who attacked Schaffer and his friend. One slammed Schaffer on the ground and the other put Eric in a headlock with his legs.

Schaffer added, “It all happened so fast once I got slammed to the ground. It’s just kind of a blur.”

He also noted, “We’re in 2016 and especially in a city like Miami Beach where I thought being homosexual would be pretty accepted, it’s just not right that anyone should suffer.”

After the incident, Schaffer has able to return to Los Angeles and is already recovering from his injuries, as reported by Mail Online. During the attack, he was wounded in his back and wrist and here were also cuts on his face.

Nevertheless, the gay tourist said that the incident has done more psychological damage than physical one.

He noted, “The biggest injury has been all the emotional trauma. We were going to Miami for a relaxing weekend and it was traumatizing, to be honest.”

Miami Beach police officer Ernesto Rodriguez stated, “The subjects, in this case, happen to be gay individuals, and that’s part of our investigation to see what provoked that attack.”

Police stated that they are following the case as a battery felony and are coordinating with the state’s attorney office. They are going to investigate the case as a hate crime.

Violence against LGBT community is rampant across the globe and US is not an exception to the norm. Recently, a man pleaded guilty to fatally assaulting a transgender woman, moments before the jury was to begin for his trial in New York. The transgender assault happened in 2013.