The upcoming “Mission Impossible 6” movie has finally found its director.

Although it is not Tom Cruise himself (who was earlier rumored to helm the project), the chosen one is perfect for the installment of the franchise’s sixth installment.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Christopher McQuarrie has agreed to do another “Mission Impossible” film. The director is known for handling “Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation” which he wrote and directed.

EW also mentions that McQuarrie also worked with Cruise in other films like “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Jack Reacher”.

McQuarrie expressed his acceptance of the responsibility through Twitter.

EW also adds that apart from directing, McQuarrie’s other responsibilities for “MI6” include directing and producing.

The website also notes that McQuarrie is the first director who will handle two “Mission Impossible” movies.

The Hollywood Reporter adds that Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Ethan Hunt and also serve as producer for the upcoming film.

Other producers for the film will include Dana Goldberg, David Ellison from Skydance and J.J. Abrams of Bad Robot, THR reports.

Meanwhile, Cinema Blend reflects that McQuarrie’s involvement with the franchise for the second time is a departure from what the series was used to be. Namely, each “Mission Impossible” installment had a different director who consequently brought a different flavor to the character of Ethan Hunt.

Cinema Blend breaks down the different directors and what elements they have imparted on the franchise.

According to the website, it was Brian DePalma who set the tone of “Mission Impossible” to be an espionage thriller while John Woo was responsible for forming Hunt into a kung-fu super spy.

Cinema Blend also credits J.J. Abrams for showing the emotional side of Hunt by giving him a wife while Brad Bird is credited for revealing that the well-loved super-spy actually has a sense of humor.

Overall, the website thinks that bringing in McQuarrie for the second time is strategic since he will be able to balance all the previous styles introduced to the franchise and form a definitive quality of Ethan Hunt.

McQuarrie will also have to outdo himself in terms of giving Cruise a wilder stunt–wilder than the actor hanging in a flying plane.

“Mission Impossible 6” is scheduled to start production in 2016.