According to the latest MH370 update, three new pieces of debris were recently spotted on the shores of Madagascar and Kangaroo Island. While one of the wrecked plane parts ended up as far as Kangaroo Island, two other items were reportedly found by a man on the east coast of Madagascar.

Blaine Gibson, a lawyer who has dedicated himself to travelling across the world to find debris from the MH370 that vanished on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014, is interested in finding evidence rather than getting involved in conspiracy theories related to the plane’s disappearance.

Among the few remains of the plane discovered, one of the parts look a lot similar to an aeroplane plane. Another piece resembles a panel from a seat that has the words ‘coat hook’ written on it, reports BBC. A recent finding of plane debris found on the beaches of Mauritius sparked rumors about whether the pieces belonged to MH370.

Blaine, who has pledged to keep searching for the lost parts of the Malaysian flight, is funding his own search. There could be thousands of more MH370 plane parts littered on beaches, feels the lawyer.  A new piece of the missing plane was recently recovered from South Africa.

Although, Blaine claims that the plane parts were pieces of the aircraft, which is presumed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, the findings will be verified by investigators at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and also by authorities in Malaysia.

A British engineer, Don Thomson, who works with the informal international group investigating the lost plane, told the BBC in an interview that one of the pieces from the latest findings is indeed from the back of a seat on the plane. “The seat part I am 99.9 percent sure on,” he told the press.

The disappearance of the Malaysian plane carrying 239 passengers still remains a mystery. More than two years have passed since the plane vanished suddenly but only eight pieces of debris, excluding the latest findings, have been found thousands of kilometers far off the west Australian coast, reported

Australian authorities claim that the fate of the plane, which remains a mystery, can be solved if more pieces of debris are found. The findings will help answer questions like where did the plane crash? What caused it to crash? Who was tracking, supervising and monitoring the plane?