The world was surprised by the most baffling aviation mystery of all time on 8 March, 2014. It happened when the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was announced missing and has continued to be so til now.

The last voice contact with the flight crew was established in the morning of 8 March 2014; an hour after the takeoff. The flight was somewhere over the South China Sea, reported Asian Correspondent. However, soon after the flight vanished from the Malaysia Air Traffic Control Radars, it was tracked flying over the Malay Peninsula.

The Boeing 777 flight from Kuala Lumpur which was headed to Beijing with 239 on board sharply altered the course and turned west across the Malay Peninsula. Investigators said that it then turned towards south where it ran out of fuel and crashed, stated The New York times.

The multi-million dollar search has stretched for 2 years to solve the aviation mystery. Martin Dolan, chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau that is leading the search, said that only an area which is half the size of Tasmania is left to be scoured by the search vessels. He added that till now 32,818 square mile has been searched.

Donald said,  “The only level of uncertainty is the behavior of the aircraft at the very end of its flight. The weight of the evidence indicates that there were no control inputs to the aircraft at the end of its flight and that’s the basis on which we have calculated the search area.”

An organisation formed by the relatives of the passengers of the flight accused the Malaysian Government of legal manoeuvring to save the airline from handing over the compensation to the family members of the victims. The prime minister was also accused of corruption recently.

There was  poor coordination between the civil and military authorities. Although Malaysian Military Radar detected the flight crossing Malay Peninsula, the civil authorities took many days in shifting the search from the South China Sea to the Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean.

There were also discrepancies in international  defence capabilities and cooperation. It was 9 days after MH370 disappeared when Thais reported that they had picked up an unidentified flight crossing Malay Peninsula. Indonesia, however, said that no unidentified flight was ever picked up on radar.

There are many conspiracy theories related to  this aviation mystery. Some said it was hijacked by North Korea for new technologies that Boeing777 has incorporated within the plane. Some others said that it landed in Kazakhstan. Another theory said that it was shot down by US to ensure a drone shot. Another theory said that the flight was forcibly landed on a US base on the Island of Diego Garcia and the crew and passengers are being held captive there.