MH370, the Malaysia airlines flight that went missing on its way to Beijing, still hasn’t been found two years hence. Search authorities are hopeful, but some relatives of passengers who went missing are close to giving up.

The plane disappeared en route Beijing from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014.  On board MH370 were 227 passengers and 12 crew.  Last July,  search officers found a barnacle-encrusted flaperon wing washed up on the French island of Reunion on the Indian Ocean. According to The Guardian, it’s the only confirmed trace of MH370 so far.

But The Guardian also reports that head of Australian Transport Safety Bureau chief commissioner Martin Dolan is confident that the MH370 will be found soon.

“The fact we haven’t found it so far, increases the likelihood we’re going to find it in the remaining area,” Dolan told “For the families who are still suffering from the loss of loved ones, I reiterate to them we and all the search team are totally committed to the search, and remain confident we will find it.”

Dolan believes their search efforts will deem fruitful in the next four months. Their multimillion dollar search effort is now on its final stage.

The final stage of the hunt for MH370 will involve an underwater hunt of a vast expanse of a 120,00-km zone. The search ends around July this year.

While Dolan and his team are hopeful, reports that families of MH370’s passengers find the waiting game almost unbearable.

“It’s hard because we have had lots of little discoveries but it still hasn’t been found,” said Mr Jayden Burrows, son of  passengers Rodney and Mary Burrows.

According to the BBC, families of the 12 Chinese passengers of the missing MH370 have recently filed lawsuits in Beijing to demand for an explanation of the incident. Families of 32 others filed separate lawsuits in Malaysia/