A new report has revealed that it was not the territory of Russia-backed rebels that fired the missile at Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

A Russian military and radar producer, however, said that the Buk missile that led to the plane crash in 2014 was fired by Ukraine. The missile’s producer Almaz-Antey released raw data last week indicating that no foreign objects were used to lead to the crash of the plane with 298 people, including 38 Australians, on board.

According to the data released on Monday, Utyos-T producer Lianozovsky Electromechanical Plant indicated that there were three civilian aircrafts in the vicinity, which also included MH17. “The Ust-Donetsky radar picked up no foreign objects near the Malaysian plane, which could have caused its destruction,” chief radar designer of the plant Viktor Meshcheryakov stated while referring to the village close to western Russia.

The recent findings also revealed that the memory chips from the radar station were instantly replaced in July 2014 after the incident. Those chips were recovered recently, thereby unveiling the truth.

The revelations were made by Almaz-Antey mere two days ahead of the expected release of an official report by the Dutch-led investigation. The Russian Ministry of Defence has claimed that it may be Kiev behind the attack on the plane when no suspected foreign object has been detected from the chip obtained. The ministry also attacked Ukraine in a press conference held in Moscow. It said that Ukraine was hiding radar data that could reveal the missile that hit MH17 two years ago.

“The Ukrainian side has air situation data in the area of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 crash from both civilian and military sources. The fact that Ukraine has not published radar data leads us to the  conjecture that the missile, if it was a Buk, was launched from territory under the control of the Ukrainian military,” Russian Air Forces’ General Andrey Koban claimed, according to RT.