Pope Francis is always seen as a calm and accommodating person. However, on Tuesday Pope Francis was seen losing his cool during his visit to Mexico, when he was literally pulled to the ground. The Pope was at a stadium in the western city of Morella.

Video footage showed that the Pope who is always calm and collect when around his admirers could not prevent himself from showing his disapproval when an admirer pulled and caused him to topple down. He was walking in a stadium in Mexico and he stopped to greet the crowd of hundreds. Suddenly two arms reached out and grabbed at him. The person was so excited that he did not let go of the Pontiff. The person did not release him from his embrace until the Pope lost his balance and fell down. When he managed to lift in an upright position his face clearly showed signs of anger, reported Mirror.

He then took a few steps back and an announcer announced, “We are asking you to be careful. Please contain yourself. Pope Francis wants to greet us, but if we pile up, it will be difficult to do so”.

The security men and aides somehow managed to prevent him from completely falling on the ground. He looked at the man and said in Spanish, “”Don’t be selfish!”   But he did not leave the scene immediately and continued handing out rosaries for some more minutes before leaving the place.

According to Mail Online, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said that it was a “normal human reaction” to an admirer’s “excessive enthusiasm”. Noteworthy, The Pope had said in the past that he is prone to anger but his anger does not last.

During his trip to Mexico the Pontiff urged the Mexican youth to stand firm against the lure of easy money from drug dealers and rather build up their communities by considering themselves as wealth and valuing themselves.

Recently, the world witnessed a historical moment when the Pope met Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill  at a Cuban airport.