A Mexican prison has changed the definition of a prison life, as some of its inmates can enjoy cable TV, saunas, go to a bar and lead a luxurious life.

Around 50 people lost their lives inside Topo Chico prison in Monterrey, Northern Mexico, on Wednesday . Investigation showed that the cause of deaths was a clash between rival gangs. The outbreak of violence in the prison started just before midnight on Wednesday between a new group of inmates and a gang which ruled the Mexican prison, reported Sputnik. Nuevo Leon Attorney General Roberto Flores stated that the riot was brought under control soon. However, 49 people lost their life in the clash.

The Nuevo Leon governor, Jaime Rodriguez confirmed that 60 hammers, 86 knives, 120 shiv blades were used in the riot. The prison director, superintendent and a guard had been taken into custody for their involvement in the riot.

When authorities started investigating the case, they found that life inside the prison was quite contrary to the general idea of prison life.

The investigators found saunas, bars, air conditioner, mini fridge, food stands, digital cable and fish tanks inside many cells of the Mexican prison. They also found 280 food grocery stands where inmates could buy their favoured food items. Heavy machineries were used to haul away tons of contraband furniture and other stuffs, reported The Guardian.

The statement by the authorities also confirmed that police destroyed hundreds of altars of Death Saint, a skeletal folk deity revered by drug traffickers.

The prison was notorious for its ill practices even before the riots. There was also record of inmates paying guards and officers to help them avail of the facilities as well as bring in bits and pieces to their cells. The poorer inmates, however, sometimes had to sleep in the corridors if they fail to pay for the facilities.

Incidentally, Pope Francis in his recent visit to Mexico urged the youth not to fall for easy money offered by drug traffickers.