A disabled person will get the opportunity to don a bionic limb inspired from Metal Gear series.

A futuristic arm that looks exactly like that of Big Boss, a central character in Metal Gear series, will be given to 25-year-old James Young. Big Boss’ real-life appendage counterpart was crafted by Sophie de Oliviera Barata, an artist well known for designing prosthetics.

According to Independent, the lucky fan will receive the robotic arm from Metal Gear game developer Konami on a body hacking event happening by the end of February.

The prosthetic is an exact replica in terms of the design of the one that Big Boss has in the most recent version of the series “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.”

Despite the fact that Big Boss can shoot lightning and rockets since it is a weaponised arm in the game, Young’s version do not have such military capabilities and other complex functionalities. Still, it is to be acknowledged that the video game arm will certainly improve the life of the 25-year-old fan.

Young got his arm amputated after accidentally falling under a Docklands Light Railway in a report made by ShackNews. His left arm and leg had to be removed after the doctors diagnosed and came to such difficult decision. His limbs were taken out while he was induced in a medical coma which would last for about two weeks.

It wasn’t long after Young got his new set of NHS-issued limbs when he chance upon the Phantom Limb Project initiated by Konami. The project was looking for individuals who would like to have their prosthetic limbs customized as inspired by Konami’s video games.

After attending Open Bionics which took place in Bristol, he was lucky enough to be chosen. Since then, Young and Barata along with the other members of the project has been working together to recreate the arm of Metal Gear Solid’s protagonist.