“Metal Gear Solid 5” is a very complex game. There are several gadgets, weapons and systems to play around.

These could be overwhelming at times. Hence, read on to learn some simple cheats, codes, secrets, and tips that will make your game easier.

  1. Mini-map – Press the action button to bring up the map. It shrinks to the bottom-right corner of the screen but you can move it, either on foot, on D-Horse, or in a vehicle.
  2. Mine ClearingPC Gamer noted the easiest way to clear mines is to call in an airstrike in the center of the marked mission area to destroy all the mines instantly.
  3. Rescue Hideo KojimaIGN said you can rescue Hideo Kojima in the Side Op 112 Intel Agent Extraction mission in Ground Zero. Once you have rescued him, he will head back to the Mother Base.
  4. Recruit an Interpreter – Recruit Russian soldier that will serve as your interpreter in interrogating arrested Soviet guards or listen in on their conversations.
  5. Instant Return to ACC – Instead of calling in Pequod, hit the pause menu and select “return to ACC.”
  6. Fast Travel – Collect delivery “invoices”. Wait in the space next to a yellow triangular sign that you can see in bases, camps or villages, and you will be “delivered” to any other point on the map.
  7. Supply Drop – If you are in supplies like ammo, use the iDroid to call in a supply drop. You can find it at the top of the Missions menu. Choose a drop point and few seconds later a box of supplies will arrive.
  8. Deactivate/Destroy Enemy Assets – Look for blue lights in your enemy camps. PC Games said there are almost always attached to something that you can destroy so your enemy’s action will be disrupted.
  9. Quiet Commands – There are two distinct ways of commandingQuiet, IGN noted. You can issue her commands through the L1 menu like what you do to D-Horse. You can also command her from the main map screen at any time.
  10. Find the Puppy – To find D-Dog in “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain”, IGN advised to head to the landing site north of the Spugmay. Roam around during daytime to listen for barking. When the puppy grows up, he senses will be useful on your missions.
  11. Posters – These are not ordinary posters so you have to pick them. PC Gamer cited an example where you can use your poster. Stick a poster of a saluting guard to your cardboard box. From a distance, your enemy will salute back on you, thinking you are of his comrades.
  12. Birthday Presents – When you start a new game, you were asked to enter your birthday. If you play the game on your birthday, there are presents waiting for you including a birthday cake and cigars.