A French artist has found a “message in a bottle”, which is believed to be dropped by an American artist in New York harbour in October 2013.

The bottle was found on a beach in southwest France, 5,700kms away.

George Boorujy flung the bottle in the harbour at Staten Island, inside is a sketch of a  a cormorant(a bird) and a signed letter. The waves pushed it towards the European land.

“Yes indeed, one of the bottles I tossed in Staten Island made it all the way across the Atlantic.”

“I honestly don’t know what’s more surprising – that it made it to Europe, or being that it was tossed from Staten Island that it wasn’t pulled by the currents right to Italy. (For French readers, that was a cheap joke about the number of Italians in Staten Island. But I am from New Jersey and allowed to make such cheap jokes.)” Boorujy wrote in the New York Pelagic.

Brigitte Barthelemy, a French artist, found the bottle in La Tremblade while walking on a beach with her husband Alain Barthelemy.

“I take bottle with a lot of shells on the caps and fond, and I start investigation and cleaning bottle”, said Alain in a report by DNA Info.

“We saw written on the bottle ‘NY Pelagic.’ We say, ‘Impossible NY is almost 6000 km between here.”

After opening the bottle, Brigitte found a preserved drawing and letter congratulating the one who receives it and called to contact him. Boorujy mentioned his email address in the letter.

“When I saw the email from Alain and Brigitte, I was amazed and crazy with excitement,” Boorujy said in a reprot by NDTV.

“And the fact that Brigitte is also a painter is extraordinary,” he added.

Following his project which started in 2011, Boorujy has dropped many bottles from different places on the East Coast. At the momentl, eight bottles with similar messages have been found at different places.