Men will never understand how hard it is being a woman when it comes to makeup, period cramps, love and the worst is getting dressed. Lets have a countdown on the worst struggles woman have to deal with day-to-day.

1. Simple guide to applying makeup

Half of the fun when applying makeup is learning how to do it properly through makeup tutorials on YouTube. The only issue is when you watch one, the makeup artist is so experienced, she skips so much of the actual process and girls are just expected to know how to catch up.

Dear makeup artists, please can you slow down and go through the process at a pace I can also apply my makeup with?

2. Do not sneeze!

Do not sneeze! DO NOT SNEEZE! Every time you apply mascara, the only thing you are worried about is it smudging.  And it usually does even if it says ‘smudge-proof’. It is a lie, mascara is so easy to put on but it just has to be one of those things that gets easily ruin in the end.

3. We have nothing to wear!


“Mum! I need to go shopping! I have nothing to wear!” Torturing your poor mother by screaming at her will not help you pick a cute outfit for that date you have. The best thing to do in this scenario is to just repeat a cute outfit until you go shopping with the girls on the weekend.

4. We want to be a mermaid


How amazing would it be? We all know women have wild imagination and can think of the weirdest scenarios. Being a mermaid would be amazing though! You would not have to worry about wearing pants because you have a long, beautiful tail. Also you get to have beautiful wavy hair like Ariel.

5. Of course I am not okay! There is blood everywhere


We all know how the crime scene looks when sneezing or coughing when you have your period.

6. Awkward!


Women usually have small bags so when we pull out one thing, everything comes out of our bag. Or, worst if we want something from your bag, you have to pull-out everything before you can get to what you need. And, you would think we should buy a bigger bag but no, that is just uncomfortable.

7. My eyebrows are on point (literally)


Where is the difference? Girls these days use so much Sharpie on their eyebrow’s it is hilarious. We need to put Sharpie where it actually matters and that is on our exam papers.

8. Cherish that last hair tie! As if it were your child.

Woman always have to accept the beginning of the end, even when it comes to your last hair tie. Cherish this as if it were your child please!

9. Period cramps… ugh


This is the worst feeling a woman will ever experience. If you ever want to imagine the pain because you are a guy, just imagine a little jack hammer drilling into your stomach every day for a week, 24/7. Also, do not ask us if we are on our period if we seem upset. That is a big no no.

10. Please do not hit me… I am only a guy

Having a guy in your life is great…until he annoys you, then you cannot help it but try and hurt him. Sorry guys! We still love you.

The real people suffering in this countdown was definitely guys and from the bottom of our heart we deeply apologise for being so mean. It is not our fault we are so hormonal and hot headed.

If you have anymore female struggles we missed, please tweet them to us on Twitter or comment below