Melbourne weather update has indicated that a wet, windy and cold climate is awaiting residents. Hence, they must be prepared to deal with the change.

Where floodwaters are increasing in levels in Coleraine, Melbourne Cricket Grounds seems unprepared for the finals to be held between Geelong and Hawthorn.

The residents in Coleraine have started filling sandbags to ensure their homes and businesses remain safe and secure. The west of Victoria is all set to experience huge transformation in the weather soon according to the alert. Glenelg Fine Confectionary’s Erika Colberg in Whyte St said that the streets in the region looked like a river following the heavy rain in the town towards 330km west of Melbourne on Friday.

She said that the staff members were shifting the confectionary’s stock to ensure they are not spoiled. Other businesses in the region were already sandbagged, she added, hoping the rain would ease soon, though the level of water logging was rising continuously.

On the other hand, Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Rod Dickson claimed that the temperature of MCG might be down to as low as 13 degrees. The weather update has come following expectation of the arrival of over 80,000 people through the gates to the grounds to watch the final match between Geelong and Hawthorn, which might face hurdles in such typical weather condition. “I would take a coat and poncho, yes. It will be cold, damp and windy,” Dickson advised.

Besides the Melbourne weather warning, as reported by The Age, the MCG also warned the public of its reduced car parking facilities because of the declining atmospheric conditions. As a result, the cricket ground authorities have recommended to fans to opt for public transport over personals sedans.

The ground authorities have also asked fans to come with some extra time on hand for enhanced security checks before entering the ground. This comes following an ISIS “evil document” warning where the group mentioned Melbourne Cricket Ground as one of its targets and called for “lone wolf” followers to plot an attack at the places mentioned in its first-ever English publication “Rumiyah.”