A city-bound Melbourne train hit and killed two men at Altona Meadows before midnight on Thursday. The incident is being investigated by Victoria Police’s transport crime unit and police have not yet confirmed whether it was accidental.

According to the police, the men were near the intersection of Merton Street and Railway Avenue at the time they were hit by the Melbourne train. Inspector John Kearney said that though the train driver spotted the men, he didn’t have enough time to stop the train.

“He’s getting looked after,” the ABC quoted him as saying. “We do know that he applied his emergency brakes and attempted to avoid the collision but unfortunately, he was unable to.” Kearney added, “We’ve got some specialist services coming down to examine the scene. Once they’ve done that, the bodies will be removed and will [be] subject to a post-mortem.”

Locals said that people often cross the tracks in that area and that it is frequented by graffiti artists. “I’ve known people to go to the local gym [and] go across the tracks there to get access to Laverton. What I can’t understand is how they didn’t know a train was coming,” said one local.

Train services between Laverton and Westona were interrupted for a brief period following the incident. However, trains are now operating normally between these two stations.

Passengers of the Melbourne train said that the train came to a halt after leaving the Laverton station at 11:35 p.m. “There was an announcement saying there would be a delay and the next thing we saw people walking by with flashlights,” the Herald Sun quoted a passenger as saying.

The passengers were allowed to leave the train after an hour and made to board a bus. “We didn’t hear or see anything,” said another passenger. “We were left in the dark as to what had happened. There were only two announcements in 45 minutes.”

The police did not confirm the ages of the men killed in the incident.