A teenager has been admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital after his mini bike collided with a car at Dallas in Melbourne.

The boy has been reported to be in a stable condition, but Victoria police seemed disappointed with increasing monkey bike accidents, calling them a “huge problem.” At around 9:00 pm on Thursday, emergency services were called to bring the situation at the suburb of Dallas under control after the collision occurred. Police claimed that the car driver did not notice the teen as the bike had no lights on.

Car driver Aaron King was returning from his football training. He said that the teen suddenly appeared on the way without any alert.

“I heard a monkey bike – they are common around here – but didn’t know where it was coming from,’’ Herald Sun quoted King as saying. “Then I collided with him … I did not see him because he had no lights, no helmet. There were no lights, no nothing and he had a dark-coloured jumper on as well. The car pretty much caught on fire instantaneously. “It was just that sweet spot I guess.”

King along with two bystanders pulled the mini bike crash victim from the spot and took him to the safety of a nearby tree. One of the bystanders, Steven Jerjis, said that he helped in dragging the teen out of the accident area before the car burst.

“I moved the kid away from the car because he was really close to it,” he said as quoted by the ABC. “[I] moved him about 20 metres away and the neighbours all came out to put the fire out.”

The frequency of monkey bikes in that area was more and hence Sergeant Brad Cook requested bikers to be more alert while riding the low-powered mini bike.

“They’re a huge problem these monkey bikes; they’re young kids riding them around, no licences, no registration, no lights, not roadworthy,” he said. “I urge any parents out there if their children are riding their bikes, tell them not … it’s just not worth it for a bit of fun, and riding around things like this happen.”