Heavy downpours and severe thunderstorms hammered the city of Melbourne, Australia last night as a week of torrential rains ended. Flooding has been reported in several areas as water overflowed from the catchments.

The Bureau of Meteorology Melbourne has urged people to be vigilant and keep track of the weather announcements and prepare for evacuation should flooding intensify. The warnings were directed specifically to people living along rivers.

According to The Age Victoria, the severe weather left significant storm damage including leaking roofs and flooded roads. Power outages were also reported during the night. Loud thunders boomed overnight, keeping many of Melbourne citizens awake throughout the night.

In other place in Melbourne, damages to residential properties were massive. Images of ripped and torn corrugated sheets surfaced on social media sites the morning after the storm. Pictures of fences and houses damaged by fallen trees also made rounds online.

The rain moved to Ballarat and Castlemaine on Sunday morning. On the same day, the storms are forecasted to move to Western and Northern regions of Melbourne where drought has been a major problem for many residents.

Epping received the most amount of rainfall, with 47mm of rain throughout the night and totaling to 55mm of rain over the course of 24 hours.  40mm of rain fell on Bundoora, while Sunshine records 46mm.

Scott Williams, a senior forecaster at the Weather Bureau, said that the thunderstorms were localized. Still, forecasts indicate that showers are very likely to happen on Sunday and Wednesday. The weather is expected to clear up by the weekend.

The state government has issued flood watches on Sunday for potential flash floods, specifically in the Otway Ranges, which is near the vicinity of the recent Wye River bushfires. The SES warned that debris from the bushfires may be washed away due to heavy rainfall and could lead to sudden flooding