The authorities are looking for the man who allegedly shot at them during a drug raid, which resulted to a siege that lasted for five hours. However, when the police entered the St Albans home, they found that the suspect already fled the scene.

However, the authorities have found tools to make drugs inside the Melbourne home. They also found several precursor chemicals used to manufacture drugs inside the house. The suspect is believed to be 33-year-old Nghi Le, a 170-centimeter-tall  Asian with short black hair, brown eyes and a small build.

According to, nobody was injured during the incident. The police were trying to talk with the people inside the house. They did not know how many people were inside it since they could not get too close when the shots were fired. This resulted in 30 police officers, which also included the Special Operations Group, trying to enter the house.

The incident also affected the traffic in the area. Those who were commuting to the Victoria University’s St Albans campus and schools close to here were the ones that got affected the most.

The authorities, who wore protective armor, have also used an armored vehicle to take down the property’s front gates while the others were standing behind it. During the incident, the residents were instructed to stay inside their homes but no evacuation was needed, adds.

One of the residents, Raj Malhotka cites that he heard two shots being fired during it. Apparently, he was preparing his kids to go to school. “I was awake inside the house at the time when I heard two gun shots,” the neighbor states during an interview. “My kids are still in the house getting ready for school.”

Another resident, a mother who was about to take her son to University Park Primary School, was also forced to return home. Apparently, the school was only less than two blocks away from the scene but was closed.

The authorities have also checked the driveways of the residents and around their properties to guarantee that those involved in the incident did not abandon the St. Albans home. Police officers are also trying to find ways to enter the house. Those who know of the suspect’s whereabouts are also urged to report to the authorities.

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