The reports on Tuesday morning informed about a horrifying accident on the Calder Freeway because of a car that cut in front of a petrol tanker, causing it to roll over and cause the 10-car crash.

According to Herald Sun, five people, including the truck driver and a 40-year-old woman with minor injuries, have been taken to a hospital. Around a thousand litres of petrol was spilled after the crash, thereby endangering the journey of the other vehicles already on the road during the peak hours. Victoria police confirmed that one person died in the accident. “It’s believed the truck was in the centre lane on the freeway when a car has pulled in front of it, causing the truck to swerve and the driver to lose control of the vehicle,” Victoria Police said in a statement.

“The truck has then struck a number of other cars. One car was crushed under the truck during the incident and investigators are still in the process of determining how many people were in that vehicle. However, at least one person has been confirmed deceased.”

According to, the roadway is expected to remain closed until Wednesday morning. Police said that the petrol tanker lost control after a car pulled up and distracted it in front. Inspector John Kearney mentioned the scene as “you don’t get much worse than this.” He requested the motorists to leave offices early to avoid night gridlock. “Early indications are the truck has had to take some evasive action because of a vehicle. Which vehicle that is we don’t know,” he said.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Darren McQuade said there were almost 20,000 litres of diesel and petrol that spilled from the tanker. “The school nearby has been relocated to the southern area of the school,” he said. “Fuel has leaked into Steele Creek. We believe anywhere between 10 to 20,000 litres of petrol.”