A leaked internal report from Melbourne metro has revealed that the tracks of the railways face quite considerable issues, which have been left unfixed for a long period of time.

The authorities obtained an email sent by a senior rail operator in August, according to which the city’s rail network ignored the complaints and responded to the repair backlog by erasing all reports of faults. The report stated that in August 2015, at the time of site inspection, the “drainage around the subway roof on the up [city-bound] track where the rails are directly fixed to the concrete deck”.  There were also complaints about loose screws, cracked sleepers and broken bolts.

The revelation has come following a recent voting in which Melbournians  voted its city’s metro rail services as the worst across Australia. The negative opinion of the voters has come consecutively for the fifth time. All in all, the public voted that the services face frequent overcrowding.

Except for Melbourne, the metro rail services of Queensland, Sydney and Adelaide have received four stars in average, showing the overall satisfactory performance of the metro and rail services across the cities.

Despite such negative feedback coming from the reports, Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan is set to offer Metro Trains in Melbourne another term of seven years to enjoy operation in and across the city.  Where the minister is planning to reassign another term to the Melbourne metro services, the Rail, Tram and Bus Union has warned the top leaders of the state about the casual attitude of Metro towards Melbourne rail facilities.

The union has, in turn, asked Allan to transfer the rail network to public once again or run competitive tenders to allow companies to bid against Metro and then take good care of the city’s rail services.

The Age mentioned in its report that the government offers payment worth $6 billion to Metro authorities for betterment and maintenance of the services. The funding has continued since John Brumby was appointed as the premier of the state in 2009.