Melbourne man Phillip Michael Galea is scheduled to face the court over suspicion of belonging to the right-wing extremist group.

Officials have confirmed that this would be the first instance when federal commonwealth anti-terrorism laws would be used on a suspect. The man has been charged with amalgamating documents and faking them for a terrorist attack.  He will be presented in court on Tuesday on charges of plotting and making preparations to conduct a terrorist attack.

The arrest of the man came following the Victorian Joint Counter-Terrorism raid in Melbourne and other regional areas on Saturday. During the raid, a Braybrook home was also raided along with three other properties. At the first brief appearance in court on Sunday, the suspect said that it was a conspiracy against him.

On the other hand, the Australian Federal Police have not provided any details on the substance of the charges against Galea. The officers only stated that the reported attack and its targets would be clear once the suspect would face court once again. According to the police, the Melbourne man created potential threats to individuals as well as properties in Victoria.

Galea has been linked to anti-Islam groups and possesses right-wing extremist views. From his social media accounts, it has been found that the man supports movements like the True Blue Crew, the United Patriots Front and Reclaim. The suspect said that he would be fighting against the charges as it appears everything is against the patriot movement he supported.

According to SBS Australia, Acting Assistant Commissioner Jennifer Hirst said that there are two terrorism charges of which the suspect is to be accused of. “We’ll allege the 31-year-old man is a political extremist,” the commissioner said.

“His criminal actions included collecting or making documents that were likely to be used to facilitate a terrorist act and conducting activities that constituted planning for a terrorist act. There is no current or imminent threat to the community. We believe any threat that may have been posed by this man as a consequence of his actions have been appropriately mitigated.”