Melbourne kangaroo attack report came after a personal trainer was mauled by the animal, which prompted her to go for an emergency surgery. The victim said that it attacked her while she ran on a bush track. The incident occurred on Saturday.

Fifty-four-year-old Debbie Urquhart said that she was jogging on the Candlebark track close to Templestowe’s Watties Road. It was 6am when the Melbourne kangaroo attacked her. The victim was left severely injured, bleeding and hence she needed an emergency surgery.

“This kangaroo just came out of nowhere and knocked me down and got stuck into me. It was rather frightening,” Urquhart told a reputed media outlet. “The noises it was making were terrible and it just kept going for me. He was so aggressive.”

Melbourne Kangaroo Attack – How Did She Escape

The Melbourne kangaroo attack victim also said that she was lucky to have survived the attack, which “could have killed” her. “He ripped me to pieces,” the victim said. Urquhart said that she did not move and pretended to be dead. She wanted the animal to stop attacking her. She said that the kangaroo left her for a bit but she still thought the rogue creature will “come back and kill me”. When she found herself alive, she ran 500 meters back home.

“He pushed me down with his back feet and then just sort of clawed at me,” she said. “Me protecting myself is how my arm got ripped so badly. He could have got to my stomach or anything but I sort of protected myself with the grass and, thank God, he moved away.”

9News stated that the Melbourne kangaroo attack victim’s husband, Robert, took her to the Austin Hospital immediately. She received 35 stitched for her wounds, including stomach and head injuries. Urquhart remained in the hospital until Sunday for recovery.

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