A Melbourne Girls’ Grammar school student has been expelled and two others suspended after they were found with drugs at a year 12 formal.

The Melbourne Girls’ Grammar school Principal Catherine Mission said she noticed “suspicious activity” in the toilets and that the girls were discovered to have ecstasy pills, marijuana, and alcohol during the senior formal.

According to ABC, in a letter sent to the parents, the school authority said that the girls were found with “illicit substances”.

“Following an immediate investigation, one student’s enrolment has been terminated and a further two students have been suspended with additional special conditions imposed upon them on their return,” the principal’s statement said.

“We have a very strong well-being program to support our students, specifically concerning developing the awareness of the risks associated with illicit substances, alcohol and anything else that is potentially dangerous and damaging. We are currently speaking to our senior students and seeking their advice on what more we can do to support and protect them in these sorts of areas.”

The school formal was held at The Park which is located on the banks of Albert Park Lake. Principal Mission confirmed that one student was expelled while the other two were suspended. She also expressed her disappointment by the act.

However, former Victorian Children’s Commissioner and youth worker Bernie Geary said that the student shouldn’t have been expelled and their bags shouldn’t have been searched. “This is the sort of stuff that has been happening for yonks. Kids push boundaries in this way and have done so for many years,” said Geary.

Leading child psychologist Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg, on the other hand, has a different stand on the issue. He observed that any student caught with drugs should be reported to police, reported 3AW.

Victoria Police Commissioner Graham Ashton said that the police were not informed about the incident. “We’d encourage the school to come and have a chat with us. We do want to know about that. We have diversion programs for low-level drug possession which are non-conviction based referrals, so there’s support and help than can be given to people. ”

Ashton further stated that “It’s a case of us trying to be there to assist in these sort of cases where young people are experimenting with drugs.”

A few months back, the Victorian police have arrested six men over drug offence charges during a raid on homes and businesses across Melbourne.