Melbourne residents have been asked to stay inside their houses on Tuesday night as wild weather is expected to hit the capital, a weather forecaster reported.

Heavy rain and worst weather conditions are predicted to strike Melbourne tonight. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a warning for people in Mallee and some parts of the Central, South West, Wimmera Forecast Districts, North Central and Northern Country. These are the same spots that have already experienced huge flash flooding in recent days and are now bound to witness worst weather impact.

If people have an emergency outing, they can take their gumboots to remain unaffected by the wild weather that is on its way.

Bureau senior forecaster Keris Arndt mentioned that it was the moisture in the atmosphere from the north that was reportedly bringing heavy rains in Victoria. The low is expected to move slowly towards the east of the state. On the other hand, the western suburbs of Melbourne are expected to receive rainfall measuring up to 30mm on Tuesday while the eastern suburb will receive 10mm rainfall.

Arndt added that thunderstorms might hit Victorian regions, which would hardly touch Melbourne boundaries. Friday floodwaters affected towns like Coleraine, and there are fears that the same regions will again experience flash flooding on Tuesday afternoon.

Where the flash floods are ready to hit Victoria and Melbourne, emergency service crew members are prepared to handle whatever outcome the rain brings.”We’ve already had significant flooding in the northwest of the state, the state is already saturated, and given there are significant falls across Victoria today, we are ready to respond if needed,” an SES spokesman said.

“There is a real risk of flash flooding today. The areas around Horsham are still of particular concern but really, if we get isolated heavy falls anywhere, there is a risk of flooding. So it’s important that people go about their normal business today but understand that risk, have a plan and know where to go in case of an emergency.”

The Age also reported that the SES has warned Victorian against stepping in flood water as this time, it is expected that the “water is strong” and it will have the power to wash people away, including volunteers who are there to protect several lives.