A family in Melbourne has donated thousands of funds, which their son received to pay for his wedding, to cancer research. The good deed was made in memory of the son, Jordan Lorenzi, who died too early from cancer.

According to 9news, Jordan Lorenzi received cash and diamond rings as the TODAY Show’s ‘Knock of Love’ prize. Because Jordan’s health was deteriorating quickly, he decided he would marry his high school sweetheart and fiancé Lenae as soon as possible.

However, Jordan died just hours away after receiving the prize. The family was devastated and they have described Jordan as their superman as well as an amazing young man.

Jordan’s fiancé has been at his side for almost five years. According to Jordan, Lenae was a godsend and slept at the hospital with him every night. Lenae added that she loves him and will do anything for him. “No matter what’s ever happened, she’s never ever left me alone,” he said during the show.

Lorenzi had been diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma just after he left high school. This is a rare disease where cancer cells form in the body’s soft tissue and bones. Lorenzi had high hopes of going to a university. He went for a semester but could no longer continue as he became too sick soon after. After his first semester, Lorenzi was forced to drop out of school.

The TODAY Show donated another $10,000 following the boy’s death. The family has requested that half of it would go into the hospital. Meanwhile, the other half of the donation has been decided by the family to be given to research into Ewing Sarcoma cancer, in memory of their beloved son. Lorenzi’s family has also hoped that the story of their son’s experience will increase the public’s awareness into the disease that took him away from them.