Melbourne-based Raffaele Lorenzo Di Paolo, a fake gynaec, has been charged with a total of around 88 allegations of sexual abuse, penetration as well as fraud.

The 59-year-old cheated patients suffering from infertility issues by faking as a registered and qualified doctor and IVF specialist. stated that the man used to give internal ultrasounds to women, promising them of guaranteed pregnancy after treatment. He misinformed women of their pregnancies by delivering them fake foetus images, which he claimed were growing in their wombs. The charges he faced also included obtaining money by deception.

From 2006 to 2015, the fake gynaec has allegedly cheated patients and grabbed $342,000 by treating their infertility problems, claiming himself as an expert medical practitioner. The prosecution summary stated that the “doctor” used to injects sperm into a woman. The sperm was reportedly obtained from the husband of another patient without applying anaesthesia. As a result, the donor was left bruised and swollen.

The Herald Sun reported a case of 2015 where Di Paolo sent a foetus image to one of his patients. When the women went for a test at the Epworth Hospital, the doctors discovered that the woman was not pregnant and had never been so before. The fake gynaec issued invoices containing his qualification as “MD.” Where allegations are against the man, police has not found any evidence supporting charges relating to testing done using blood, sperm or bodily samples yet.

The prosecutors, at the Melbourne Magistrates Court hearing, claimed that the same ultrasound report was sent to “multiple women.” The man has also been alleged of doing breast examinations on women without wearing gloves. The fake gynaec intentionally did false diagnosis of another patient with a tilted pelvis and asked her to visit him 25 times for the treatment and internal ultrasound examination.

The man claimed to have tertiary qualifications from Monash University or La Sapieze University in Rome, which has been found false. The fake gynaec denied all the allegations and said that he only acted as a homeopath in Australia. He also said that he never pretended to be a registered doctor and never performed any infertility treatments.