Police have arrested and charged 14 people on Monday night following a series of raids in 13 Melbourne south properties. They seized drugs and also a fake gun found during the raid.

The series of raids has come following a 10-month investigation into finding a suspected methamphetamine drug trafficking ring. Police have claimed uncovering other drugs as well besides methamphetamine. These included cannabis and heroine along with paraphernalia, as well as retrieval of cash, stolen property and a fake gun. The officials also confirmed that a manufacturing laboratory was discovered in Braeside.

The Critical Incident Response Team had to struggle to get into a Hampton Park property. The arrestees have been charged with several offenses, including possession of imitation weapon and stolen goods, drug trafficking, etc.  The officers are certain of having affected the state’s illegal drug trade to a great extent.

“The arrests today have dismantled an organized crime syndicate which until now has profited from our community,” Detective Senior Sergeant Shane Rix said on Monday. “What we have seen is the syndicate trafficking drugs for stolen property and stealing from our communities.”

“Unfortunately, the demand for these types of illicit substances continues to grow, so those who use and buy need to know they are contributing to organized crime. Whilst the operation and the warrants today have made a significant impact on the syndicate, we still have more work to do and the investigation is ongoing,” Sgt Rix added.

Police are still investigating several properties beyond Melbourne with an intention of arresting more people associated with the crime. According to Yahoo News, their search is still continuing in 13 more properties, which included Dandenong, Chelsea, Moorabbin, Hampton Park, Notting Hill, Aspendale, Seaford, Braeside, Cheltenham, Frankston, Mordialloc and Springvale South.

Among all of the arrestees, two remained in custody and were presented for hearing at the court later on Monday.