A Melbourne car has ploughed into pedestrians, thereby claiming the lives of three people. The people killed in the incident included a child. The death toll is expected rise.

Almost 20 people have been injured according to the reports obtained as of now. The Melbourne car accident occurred at the Bourke Street Mall on Friday. According to the update from Victorian police department, several facets of the event have come into focus, which also include an attempted kidnapping.

The officers released a statement in which they also confirmed about the officers opening fire on the car’s driver. He was arrested later but was still being treated for non-life threatening injuries. The police confirmed that the event had no links with terrorism. They believed that the incident had connections with a stabbing case on Friday morning in Windsor.

Victorian Police Says Accused Person Involved in Alleged Kidnapping

The officers also claimed that the man took a woman hostage in his car after the stabbing case. But the victim escaped. The people who died in the Melbourne car ploughing incident are yet to be identified. Police and emergency services are still on the spot. Commuters have been requested to avoid the Bourke Street, a part of which has been blocked. “The Homicide Squad will be investigating with the assistance of the Major Collision Investigation Unit,” the Victorian police’s statement read.

Some of the victims of the Melbourne car ploughing mishap were admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital while few of them were taken to At Vincent’s Hospital. One of the witnesses told the BBC that she saw the victims trying to get out of the car’s way. “It hit a few people there outside the offices and convenience store and sent them flying into the air, then kept driving,” the witness said.

“It hit some more further up the path. I didn’t know what was happening at first. People were screaming and there was a lot of sound and dust – I thought a building was coming down.”

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