It’s raining flagship devices this season and for sure, soon after the HTC 10 is unveiled tomorrow, the Meizu 6 Pro is preparing for an April 13 launch.

A number of rumors and speculations over the previous months have probably given fans a good picture of what to expect from the upcoming device. And now since the launch is this close, some new details about the flagship have come to the fore. According to report on Android Headlines, the camera on the rear panel may be accompanied by a “Ring Flash.” If the rumours are anything to go by then the ring will be embedded with as many as 10 LED flash bulbs. This is quite a number given that dual LED flashes have been the industry norm over the past years.

The latest teaser from Meizu reveals that the flagship will be boasting of fast charging capabilities, possibly similar to the Quick Charge 2.0 on the Samsung Exynos 8890 chipset, as noted by GSM Arena. The company has also gone ahead and released the image of the rear panel of the device, which looks quite beautiful.

For those fans who have given the rear panel of the device a good look, you must have made a note of the circular feature under the camera. This could well be the rumoured “Ring Flash” but there is no way to ascertain that at the moment. But with just two days to go, Meizu loyalists won’t have to be holding their breath too long to know whether or not the key feature does make it onto the flagship.

The rumoured spec sheet reads out to reveal that the Meizu Pro 6 may sport a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display from  Samsung, with a 21MP primary camera and 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM and up to 128GB storage onboard.

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