The entrance of Muslim woman Mehreen Faruqi in Australian Parliament as a member has become a controversy in the nation. As soon as the news reached the public, they have started criticizing the decision. Since then, she has been facing sexist and racist abuse online via social media trolls.

Mehreen Faruqi will be the first Muslim woman to become the member of Australian Parliament. She has been fighting back the sexist and racist comments from social media users following the announcement of her name as the member of the parliament. The NSW Upper House Greens Party MP is also a former environmental engineer. She fled from Pakistan’s “oppressive regime” in 1992. Her husband and infant son accompanied her on her journey.

Mehreen Faruri Responds to Social Media Troll

Several anonymous people have targeted Mehreen Faruqi online and raised doubts on her selection as the member of the Australian Parliament. They have asked how a Muslim woman has been allowed into Australian politics. There are letters that contained “racist and sexist filth” against her being elected as one of the parliamentary members.

“There is this real vile mix of racism and sexism that is happening within Australia from certain people who don’t believe I belong to this country, maybe because of my colour or the religion that I belong to. That is pretty upsetting,” Mehreen Faruqi told the BBC in Sydney.

“I decided to start a project on Facebook and it is called Love Letters to Mehreen. So every few weeks we pick a particularly hate-filled message and I respond to it in a humorous way, and that has really taken off. I think people do appreciate that we are exposing these issues and, of course, it is quite cathartic for myself and my staff as well,” she added.

Mehreen Faruqi said that such reaction for Muslim community was nothing new. The nation has always “had systemic racism.” She mentioned about the “First People” who also suffered same discrimination and racism in the nation. She added that all that is needed is to forget such things and move on.

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