With the world full of animal lovers, this guy is an exception. A documentary featuring an American journalist named Malcolm Brenner is sure to raise eyebrows as he recounts his story of having a sexual relationship with a dolphin.  He also talks about his shift of sexual orientation because of the sexual abuse he faced in his childhood.

As Brenner narrates his story, he claims that it was the most intimate experience he ever had. “The courtship  as it progressed got more vigorous and intense,” Brenner recalls in his documentary wearing a blue shirt and a trouser.  The documentary named as “Dolphin lover” and shot during the 1970s, runs for sixteen minutes, where Brenner starts by saying that he felt like he was “making love with the ocean itself.”

He’s been tagged as self-proclaimed Zoophile as he says that he realized there was something different about his sexuality, which was not normal like most guys. The video reflects his emotions quite vividly where he repeatedly says his sexual moments with the Dolphin as highly spiritual, fulfilling and rewarding.

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The video has been both accepted and rejected by the viewers. “I went from repulsion to acceptance while watching this. I think it was mostly how calm he was about talking about it all. I started feeling more like I was learning another perspective on things,” writes one of the viewers on one hand and on the other hand comments like “WTF?  I didn’t find this “touching” at all,” “this guy is far from normal. you can’t normalize animal loving,” write others.

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Meanwhile, viewers have also coaxed him for comparing black people and Zoophile, where he hopes zoophilia wouldn’t be a taboo one day anymore like having sex with black people has been now. However, it should be kept in mind that people never understand others unless they walk around in their shoes