A female prisoner is creating waves in social media platforms with her mugshots. The woman has become popular as Prison Bae after her mugshot grabbed the attention of social media users.

Sarah Seawright, 24, got arrested in Pulaski County in April for failing to appear in court. The ravishing beauty was arrested in 2014 on a careless driving charge. Contrary to her looks, Sarah has committed some serious crimes. She has been charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, first-degree battery, hindering prosecution, and tampering with evidence.

The mugshot shows her dark hair swept over her left eye and a mesmerizing smile on her face. It looks so professional that one twitter user asked whether Seawright had a ‘glam squad’ to make her camera ready.

Notably, her criminal background could not prevent her from gaining thousands of fans across the globe. Her mugshot started creating waves in the virtual space with twitteraties posting the photos and showering tweets applauding her beauty.

One of the admirers Lil Nicki Vert  tweeted, “She could stab me 9 times and I’d apologize and buy her chipotle.”

Just Semir tweeted, “ow well helloooooo you there! This is the new #Prison Bae. Cuff meup and get me to the jail!”

Meanwhile, Seawright is enjoying her newfound celebrity status, reported news.com.au. She has also encouraged her Facebook page visitors to follow her on Snapchat, where she had also shared a video. Apart from that, she has  tweeted stories about herself. Take a peek at her infamous trending photo here.

According to Fox 43, Twitter even tried to pursue ex-NFL baller Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson to get a bail for her.

Nevertheless, Prison Bae Sarah Seawright is not the first felon to attract the attention of social media crowd with her beauty. Last year convicted felon Jeremy Meek, 32, was recruited as a fashion model after his mind-blowing mug shot earned him millions of admirers. He was even invited by unnamed royals to visit them at their palaces.

Till now it cannot be said whether Sarah will be showered with such offers. But seeing her popularity the possibility seems very high.