Baba Ramdev is the creator of a INR 2,000 crore ($393 million) company – Patanjali Ayurveda. However, he still holds himself as the same old ascetic.

Years ago, he started travelling to connect with people, while teaching them yoga. Ramdev’s morning yoga camps had a bit of spirituality lesson as well. But for him, Patanjali Ayurveda is all about curing India and patriotism, says Daily Mail.

Ramdev is always surrounded by any major corporate leader almost anywhere in the world. Ramdev is also an Indian swami who is known to have sacrificed all “worldly pleasures and possessions.” He sits cross-legged, his face hidden by a wild beard, his body covered in the saffron cloth of a Hindu holy man.

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While teaching yoga to the masses, Ramdev is also the frontman of something known as the “Baba Cool Movement.” The movement comprises of spiritual men also known as “babas.”

The component of the movement is to market healthy consumer items. These items are based on the ancient Indian medicinal system of herbal treatments, known as Ayurveda.

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Similarly his business kingdom of packaged food, cosmetics and home-care products is rapidly expanding.  The company is eating into the markets of both multinational and Indian corporations.

These spiritual men give out clear messages about the value of traditional Indian ingredients. According to New York Times, these messages are specifically “resonant” in the present ambiance in India.

This is because the Indian prime minister and his political party have constructed a narrative around the value of ancient Hindu practices. It ranges from yoga to reverence for cows.

Ramdev is the first among equals in this line of prominent ‘babas’, whose ranks include Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Shankar is the founder of the Art of Living, which is an Indian spiritual practice. He also promoted a wide array of creams, soaps and shampoos also called Ayurveda.

According to several company officials, Patanjali now has 28 factories at the campus that make more than 800 products. These products are sold at around 20,000 franchised outlets throughout the country.