The ISIS suicide squad, revealed by German authorities, includes an Australian citizen. The Australian citizen of Lebanese origin is identified as Abu Obeida al-Lubnani.

An Iraqi commander of the terrorist group apparently sent Lubnani to the suicide division, after the Australian had completed his training. The reason behind sending him to the suicide squad, apparently because he cannot see at night due to weak eyes.

According to an English version of Lubnani’s resume published by The Australian, he is a computer engineer. Before joining ISIS, he worked as a computer specialist, HR in a travel agency. The 36-year-old man has travelled to countries like Singapore, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria.

According to the resume format, it seems like there are three categories for ISIS fighters: fighter, martyr and sleeper. The resume also reveals that Lubnani, who falls in the “martyr” category, has no experience of “jihad.” The only quality he has is that he can drive automatic cars.

Lubnani joined ISIS on October 30, 2013. The resume does not ask for the father’s name. It only requires the mother’s name. In Lubnani’s case, the name of his mother is Badia.

Germany earlier got hold of a number of classified documents belonging to the militant organization. According to German news agency Sueddeutsche, each ISIS volunteer must answer 23 questions.

The documents also reveal that Christian Emde is working as a major recruiter of German fighters into the extremist organization. Germany is using the leaked documents to prosecute ISIS returnees.

Germany’s Federal Criminal Agency has said that the documents are quite likely to be authentic. “We are therefore taking them into account in the context of our criminal prosecution actions and protective measures.” it said.

German authorities have got around 22,000 documents, where would-be fighters filled in their details for ISIS. Among the names, there are 16 British and four US citizens, the Financial Times reported.